Some Recommended Models for Short Curly Weave Hairstyles


It is sometimes annoying when you have curly hair, the hairstyles you can pick is quite limited than hair that is straight. You might do smoothing for your hair, or extension for your natural hair, but sometimes you do not want to do it because you think it is not suitable for your face shape. For example, when you think about extension for your natural short or long curly weave hairstyles, it is normally for fullness or to adding length, but it is also not always like that if you have Short Curly Weave Hairstyles.

A weave can be an alternative good choice to be tried as new hairstyles for your Short Curly Weave Hairstyles without changing your natural hair. These are some models you can apply when you have short curly and wavy hair. You can choose whether you want to have half or full weave hairstyles for your short and curly hair.

The first model is having cream of the top. Versatile curls can be added to the basic short hair cut. This model has curls that flip up and that are feathered that gives the hair more dimensions and height. Another idea is side swept, you can sweep it over. Heavy bang and side swept are a big hit. You can add a couple of pieces to already cut hair in order to add volume or pop of color. It is very easy to have this kind of model.

You must start with a good mold when you are dealing with short hair both it is natural and relaxed. You can begin to style the top with small curling iron for beautiful spiral curls when your hair has dried. The last step is that you finish it by using a dime sized amount of your favorite lightweight hair gloss for having added shine and follow up with a soft holding hairspray. You might comb through the hair using your fingers so that the curls will not be too perfect.

Well, if you are looking for Short Curly Weave Hairstyles for round face, this kind of Short Curly Weave Hairstyles might be suitable. It is Goodies style. If you know singer and model Ciara, she looks good on her two tone blonde away. The last model for round face is Blondie. This kind of hairstyles is suitable for your round face. You can browse some images about this hair cut in order to get image of it. Good luck, then!


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