How to Take Care of Sew in Bob Hairstyles

You must be familiar with sew in hairstyles, whether it is sew in natural hairstyles, long hairstyles, or Sew in Bob Hairstyles. But, what is it actually? Sew in hairstyles is hair extensions techniques which can be achieved by using synthetic or human hair. The sew hairstyles can be tightly sewed in unto the cornrow braids against the scalp or against a wave cap.

There are some types of sew in hairstyles. It is started from Black or African-American women who love to sew in hairstyles over wigs because they think that the sew method will look more natural. There are also more options you can do for sew in hairstyles, such as Sew in layered bob hairstyles, Sew in bob hairstyles with color, Sew in Bob Hairstyles, sew in bob long curly hairstyles or sew in bob weave hairstyles. In recent years, many women prefer to have sew-in hair extension. Some women also create many ideas for sew in into a wave cap to create their own wigs. Some women sew the hair into a U-part wig. It is a wig that is sewn into a wave cap and leaving a U-shaped hole in order to display the natural hair. Leaving the U-part will give sew in hairstyles more natural look.

For natural hair, the full sew in hairstyles are recommended. Or, you can use hair extension that is close to the natural hair texture for easy blend-ability. But, be aware of heat damage because natural can always go for a straighter look by flat ironing the “leave out”.

If you have relaxed hair, you will have experiment with different hair textures. But, you can do smart trick like sticking to a hair extension that is closer to your own for less stress on “leave out”. But again and again, heat damage is so real, so you need to be careful to make it lasts long.

This is the thing you should know about sew in hairstyles, whether it is Sew in Bob Hairstyles, long, relaxed, wavy hairstyles, or others. How to maintain sew in the hairstyles is very important. It can last up to three months only. It has to be shampooed for a proper care every week or two. Do not let the hair wet because it can cause mildew, so make sure to dry your sew hairstyle after you shampoo it. The hair can be oiled to relieve dry scalp, but it depends on the braiding pattern.  Moisture and deep condition it regularly, too.


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